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          In the fifth game, Chelsea 4-3 reading, Barrett took the lead to break the goal, under the circumstances of Chelsea first goal, Buckley and Kennedy scored successively, Morrison scored another goal for reading in the second half, fortunately, then mount may opened twice to lead again, but at the end of the game, Chelsea still lost the ball, and Bardock pulled back a goal. In the sixth game, Chelsea 5-3 Salzburg, plicci scored twice, Barkley took a penalty, Pedro scored, and bashuyai also scored one. However, the team still lost two goals in the 84th and 92nd minutes, and there were still problems in the end defense.



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          However, there may be other changes in this matter, that is, there are some points between Messi and the senior management. If the club gives in to meet Messi's requirements, it may eventually continue to stay in the team, which is more likely. At present, Messi's weekly salary is nearly 1 million pounds, the portrait rights are 9 million pounds a year, the bonus is 30 million pounds per year, and the loyalty bonus is 25 million pounds. The sum of these amounts is not a small sum, and it will make some clubs shrink. However, Messi may also make some concessions in order to transfer, after all, the current Meiqiu king is likely to be eager to leave the team.


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