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          3. In recent years, the net outflow of main funds in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets has been quite severe. Indeed, there are many institutions distributing them in a gloomy way. After all, whether it is a big cycle or a big consumption, including some individual stocks in big finance, it has risen enough since this year. I'm afraid it is a better choice to ship at a high price.

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          In the first round of the Premier League, the two matches of Manchester duo were postponed. Only Tottenham lost in the other 4 big clubs. At the end of the game, Chelsea won Brandon 3 to 1 in the away game. The game process was really unexpected, because the blue team was in a passive starting stage. Fortunately, the blue team's defense team in the second half will make great achievements, changing the score of 1 to 1 to 3 to 1. Fortunately, Chelsea started to reverse. The tradition has continued. Because the team has brought in several strong reinforcements this summer, so the opening game all hope that the new comers can complete the first show and score goals. It can be seen that only Werner and hafts have some worries in the starting, because this set of starting really has the feeling of training.



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